SkyFall Collections firmly believe that "prevention is better than the cure" and therefore SkyFall maintains a very extensive database of all Judgments that have been recorded in Jersey against an individual person, sole trader and companies

SkyFall's database is updated daily to reflect the very latest Judgments that have been recorded. Credit checks should not be confused with Credit Scores, SkyFall will not provide a score but will advise the Client whether or not the individual or business has had any Petty Debt Court or Royal Court Judgments recorded

SkyFall is also able to offer "background" checks on an individual as it is important for the Client to be able to establish as much information about an individual as possible, whether the Client is entering into a loan agreement or is looking to rent accommodation, in simple terms does the person pose a risk to the Client's business, SkyFall is here to help with the Client's decision making process

SkyFall is also able to carry out checks on individuals and companies in the UK


Please contact SkyFall Collections on 611040 for further information on SkyFall's Credit & Background Checks