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SkyFall Collections Limited ("SkyFall")Complaints Policy Statement and Procedure: 

SkyFall  is committed to providing a high standard of quality services to persons who come into contact with SkyFall

SkyFall will take seriously any concern or complaint and will look into it promptly, for resolution as quickly as possible

SkyFall recognises that all persons that come into contact with SkyFall have the right to raise concerns or complaints about our services and understand how to voice conerns or complaints

SkyFall's procedure for raising a concern or complaint is that in the first instance to submit the complaint or concern in writing, addressed to:

The Managing Director

SkyFall Collections Limited

PO Box 611

St Helier JE4 5XZ

In order to comply with the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2018 a copy of your identification (passport or driving licence) will need to be included with the correspondence as the complaint or concern maybe being made by a Third Party and will therefore need to be properly authorised to discuss matters with SkyFall

SkyFall Collections Limited subscribes to the Code of Conduct for Jersey Debt Collection - a copy of the Code is available at Download Code of Conduct for Jersey Debt Collection (size 412kb)

If you are unable to resolve your complaint directly with SkyFall you may refer the matter to the following: -

Trading Standards Service

PO Box 228

StHelier JE4 9SS

Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner

2nd Floor

5 Castle Street

St Helier JE2 3BT

Certain complaints may also be referred to:


PO Box 114

St Helier JE4 9QG

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