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SkyFall Collections is a very pro-active company in assisting Clients to obtain payment for any outstanding, lawful debts


Businesses rely on customers and their ability to pay on time and when asked to do so, which is at the very heart of positive cash flow for the business and is key for any business


If customers do not pay their invoices this can present a serious threat to the businesses financial stability 

If you would like further information on collecting your unpaid debts please complete the contact form below fully, in the message area please provide as much detail of the debt as possible

SkyFall Collections specialises in matters before the Petty Debts Court of Jersey, if the debt is over £30,000.00 then the services of a Legal Firm will be required as this becomes the jurisdiction of the Royal Court of Jersey


If you have any questions about Debt Collection in Jersey

call 611040

Please note that all incoming and outgoing calls are recorded for training and monitoring purpose 

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